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“An amazing service”

Wasif Sikandar

Capcon represents a groundbreaking leap in Pakistan's retail sector. I can confidently say that their offerings rival industry giants like Servis and Bata. Algo's in-depth knowledge precisely meets our needs. As market competition intensifies, CAPCON has become indispensable, helping us gain clarity on our supply chain, refine our sales forecasts, and deeply understand our strengths and vulnerabilities.

John Carter
dIRECTOR - Maria B

“One of a kind service”

SM Nabeel

Our journey with Capcon has been outstanding. Since launching our brand, BTW, six years ago, we've been on a rapid growth trajectory. However, we faced challenges in the supply chain. Capcon stepped in with impeccable support, guiding us in sourcing, designing, distribution, and sales. Their expertise was invaluable to our success

Sophie Moore
Director - BTW

“The best service”

Asad Shafi

From day one of Capcon's initiation in Pakistan, we've been privileged to work alongside them. Their visionary approach has truly transformed our supply chain. With a team that epitomizes professionalism, I firmly believe that our current standing would have been unattainable without their unwavering support.

Andy Smith
CEO - Cross Stitch

“An amazing service”

Mujtaba Khan

We've engaged with Capcon for comprehensive accounting, finance, and supply chain services. Their expertise has left us thoroughly satisfied. Highly recommended!

John Carter

“An amazing service”

Omar Ahmed 

We were introduced to Capcon Consulting when we initiated a search for a consulting firm to work with us in developing a growth plan.Capcon Consulting lead by m/s Saba Usman had the appropriate experience in consumer goods and their work style fit easily with the personalities of our management team enabling us to get into serious in-depth work quickly.Capcon worked with us over the course of two years, contributing new and important ideas, planning, Supply Chain and organizing the entire process, providing templates to simplify and unify our work, and guiding us through the new structure. Our management team now shares the same vision and is functioning more as a true “team”.

John Carter
CEO - Al Nasser

Boubakar Rahmani

The Baniyas Cooperative Society, during the year 2021-2022 had the pleasure to avail the services of Capcon Consulting to review our supermarket operations, recommends all the necessary procedures with the view to achieve best practices and enhance margins as well as profitability.In all instances, Capcon team has been incredibly responsive when it comes to providing the appropriate information and solutions to our supermarket operations. This has enabled us to drive forward our two new supermarkets with optimized planograms to respond appropriately to the demographics of our catchment area. As Baniyas Coop has invested fully in the development and growth of community markets anchored by Baniyas Coop Supermarket, we have sought in October 2023 the services of Capcon Consulting to audit our existing operations, specifically they were assigned to conduct a health check in the Back Office Supply Chain and to scan the Front-End Supply Chain and to advise on the soon to be opened outlet in Yas Island.In summary, I would not hesitate in giving our highest recommendations to Capcon Consulting for their exceptional service and high expertise in the retail world.

John Carter
Strategy and Finance Operations
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