Supply chain consulting.

Turn your supply chain into a competitive weapon


The pandemic, trade wars, and severe storms: these are just a few of the disruptions recently churning markets. Today the entire world appreciates the value of resilient and sustainable supply chains. But it’s nothing new for our firm. We’ve been helping clients achieve these virtues for decades.Whether you want to undertake an end-to-end strategic transformation, or targeted fixes for specific links in your operations to increase supply chain resiliency, we are the perfect partner to collaborate with on Supply Chain Reinvention.

We combine proprietary digital capabilities, deep domain expertise, and a rich database of your industry’s key performance indicators to create highly effective, customized solutions. We augment our supply chain expertise with a proven track record in areas spanning change management, sustainability,
 digital transformation, and more

Supply chain Reinvention

No matter where your company falls on the supply-chain maturity curve, Supply Chain Reinvention can help you seize a competitive advantage. 

The journey from suppliers to end customers is often global, complex, and beset by countless chances for value to escape due to mistakes, delays, unnecessary costs, inefficiency, poor communication, and missed opportunities. So it’s not surprising that most companies have supply chains that underperform, typically leaving and often more—unrealized.  

You need a supply chain that’s resilient, responsive to complex consumer demands, and differentially enabled—all while remaining efficient and affordable in a way that satisfies consumers.

We provide the right mix of planning, technical expertise, specialized tools and ongoing engagement to bridge the gap between strategy and design,
‍unconstrained potential.

Water scarcity, reducing carbon emissions, fair labor, and consumer demand for sustainable products are driving companies to commit to change. In many respects, supply chains are at the heart of a company’s sustainability strategy—and key to their success. From design, source, and make to deliver, use, and dispose, every component of a supply chain intersects with a range of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that define sustainability.

We can help you address critical issues from one end of the value chain to the other, so that your operations and supply chain evolve from a traditional, linear approach to a circular ecosystem that embraces the 5 R’s (rebalance, reduce, reuse, recycle, and remanufacture). We can help you accurately assess your ESG starting point, structure your sustainability ambitions, implement the organizational and operating models that enable you to execute your sustainability strategy across the entire value chain, and implement the traceability, metrics and digital solutions that support these efforts.

We can also make sure you avoid common traps to achieving sustainability in operations, adopt best practices critical to integrating sustainability into your operations, build sustainability into your procurement function, and develop a partnership ecosystem that can provide the specialized expertise you need to accelerate your progress.  Our proven approach is designed to produce quick wins in the short term and keep you on track to reach your longer-term ambition. Not only will your supply chain be more resilient and reliable