Supply chain strategy.

In a world governed by trends, stay ahead of the trends that matter most

Much like style trends themselves, the fashion and luxury goods markets are constantly evolving. But while rapid market shifts are not unique to these sub-sectors, Covid-19’s impact is: Within the broader retail ecosystem, apparel and footwear have suffered the steepest declines. How retailers respond in this moment will pave the way for recovery, rejuvenation, and growth.

As the leading consulting firm in fashion, luxury, and lifestyle, we can help you gain a competitive edge. We’ve earned a reputation as the industry’s preeminent thought leader. Over the past 8 years, we’ve completed close to 100 projects with fashion brands, apparel, luxury, and department store retailers across six continents. Our world-class team of fashion and luxury consulting experts applies expertise, proprietary tools, and Future of Retail framework across every facet of the value chain.

Today’s fashion and luxury landscape presents exciting opportunities: Consumers are shopping on values, increasingly awarding business to companies that make a positive impact on the environment and society. In response, brands and fashion retailers will need to cement a position and deliver on their commitments. Our keen understanding of the trends shaping this sector allows us to tailor a strategy that meets your needs today and into the future

How we can help?

Supply Chain Resiliency Index.


How resilient is your supply chain? Don’t let disruption put it to the test. Our Supply Chain Resiliency Index identifies vulnerabilities before trouble strikes, through a quantitative assessment of operational and macro impact risks.Our Supply Chain Resiliency Index is a holistic solution that identifies a broad range of potential risks, giving your organization the strength and flexibility it needs to respond immediately when the unexpected happens. Now you can spot supply chain gaps and weaknesses and correct deficiencies before they even become problems, giving you an unmistakable competitive advantage.

Using customizable weighting, we adjust the index to your highest priorities and provide an objective, outside-in identification of liabilities while also optimizing supply chain scenarios. Prioritizing resiliency is not enough; we work with you to decide what resiliency means for your business strategy and how best to mitigate risks.

Retail Supply Chain Strategy.


Retailers feeling the pinch from flattening sales, rising consumer expectations, or other challenges have a solution at their disposal: supply chain management. In fact, history shows that those who invest in supply chain and technology in a downturn can mitigate pressures, fuel growth, and ultimately emerge stronger.

With deep expertise in all facets of retail and performance improvement, our retail supply chain consultants help you identify opportunities for increased end-to-end value creation and optimization, including investing in artificial intelligence, building a digital twin for decision making, and even opening new facilities. In addition to providing a full supply chain overhaul, we offer targeted standalone services to address typical challenges.

Store and e-commerce fulfillment

Optimize your future network footprint; use fully loaded costs and carbon emissions for product flow paths; segment SKUs based on historical performance to optimize inventory, improve speed, and increase sales.

Asset productivity

Leverage four-wall operations to increase productivity and reduce inventory, complexity, and cost to serve; identify and deploy automation solutions as needed.


Improve transportation and reverse logistics, and implement the necessary enablers for sustained change; define and optimize last-mile strategy to balance cost and service.

End-to-end value creation

Lead cross-value-chain efforts—across vendors, merchandising, and store operations—to reduce costs and improve sales.

What to expect?

Tailored offerings

Improve your entire supply chain strategy—or opt for stand-alone modules to address specific pain points

Sales and operating improvement

Identify process gaps, determine root causes, and pinpoint the link to financial plans and incentives

Technology and tools

Identify and collect key data, leverage diagnostics and leading software, and build a competitive tech stack

Repeatable model

We build sustainable capabilities—and work across the organization to instill them in supply chain teams

     Supply Chain Optimization

Efficient supply chains are essential for success in the footwear industry. Our expertise lies in optimizing supply chain processes, reducing lead times, and enhancing overall operational efficiency to meet market demands effectively.

Digital Transformation

Embracing the digital age, we guide footwear businesses in harnessing e-commerce, digital marketing, and omnichannel strategies to connect with consumers in innovative ways and create seamless online and offline experiences.

Market Expansion

Our strategies encompass expanding into new markets and channels, both locally and globally. We assist footwear brands in identifying growth opportunities, diversifying distribution, and establishing a strong international presence.

Consumer-Centric Focus

We emphasize understanding and catering to consumer needs and desires, guiding footwear brands to create customer-centric products and experiences that foster brand affinity and long-term loyalty.